Yes this site may have a faith based edge to it. However most of the posts are incredibly helpful and are without Bible verses. I can honestly say this site has changed my outlook on money, and therefore changed my life!

Bob is the owner and writer, but many guest posts can be found as well. Some of the most popular posts are things like “23 Ways for College Students to Make Money”, “5 Legitimate Work From Home Opportunities”, “How to Make Money Blogging”, “How To Make A Budget” and many more that are full of great tips and really fun to read (not dry like some personal finance sites out there!)

ChristianPF also has a great layout and setup. On the right hand side has 7 tabs so you can go straight to the help you need. From Budgeting 101 to Making Money to Money and the Bible there is something for everyone!

This is a classic and amazing blog. Trent goes through things like how to make your own laundry detergent to save money, budgeting, investing, etc. One of my all time favorite things about this site is how much attention Trent pays to college students and money. Being a college student I know how much trouble our age group has with money so tips from someone who’s been there is so important.

Trent also talks a lot about his family life. He stresses the importance of raising kids with smart views on money (including one really inspiring post where he had lunch with a friend that had teenagers that he encouraged to start their own businesses, Trent plans to do the same with his kids.) I’m so inspired from this blog not only on how to handle my money now but also when I have my own family! As a 20something trying to get it all as right as possible, it’s really great to learn from someone else’s mess-ups and successes.

I think you can sense that I like my personal finance with inspiration behind it and Jen does not disappoint. Her story and blog posts are another example of someone I can learn from now and even more so when I have my own family. Jen and her husband took his plumbing business and her business to great levels but kept them manageable enough to still raise their daughter. Now they live a very laid back life without working 9-5. Truly inspiring to me!

Jen also deals with money a relationship which is something I know I struggle with. You really do have to have a good relationship with money before you can become as successful and happy as you truly wish.

I could definitely give you a list of 20 more. But these are my top favorites by far. And the best thing I’ve ever heard was you need to give before you receive. So…

This site helps women in poverty with their own businesses. Even a small donation of $25 or $50 could change the life of a woman by allowing her to start her own business to provide for her family and hopefully inspire others around her as well.