With the use of the internet, currency trading has become the biggest investment market in the world. Most people associate currency investments with Forex trading. This is a substantial part of the currency market, but currency options trading has also become a popular investment. If you understand stock options, currency options trading works in a similar way. You enter a contract which gives you the right to sell the currency before the option expires. This is often a month long contract. There is a new tool for those who are interested in currency options trading called binary options. I say new because in the U.S. they were only approved for listing in May of 2008.

Binary options are available in stocks, commodities, indices, and currencies. The potential to simplify currency options trading is evident. Purchased as a “call” option or a “put” option, binary options offer 65-81% profit on investment if you expire in the money. The simplicity of binary options is the fact that you only need the knowledge of the trend of stock to realise huge profits. The magnitude of the change is not a factor. Knowing the exact potential gains or losses before you invest makes them unique. Also, they expire in as little as an hour, as much as a month makes them more versatile, and potentially profitable.

It is important to remember that proper research is a key part of any investment. Currency options trading is not unique. Binary options are a great tool to simplify that research. One must only figure out the trend of the currency in the short term. You don’t need to agonise about how long, or how short a period you should hang on to it to turn a reasonable profit. If you can analyse the trend correctly, 65-81% profit is guaranteed. There is the small matter of the potential losses. If your option expires out of the money, you stand to lose 85-100% of your investment. That is a large loss. The key is to start small. The minimum investment at most binary options broker sites is $30-50. Start out with small investments to learn the ropes of doing the proper research. It will pay off in the end when you start investing more.

Don’t let the notion that currency options trading is complex deter you. With binary options, you now have a very simple currency option that can pay large profits. Do some research and give them a shot. Also check out forex signals which will allow you to generate income whilst not looking at the charts every day.