Luminis Micro Finance

Luminis is a Non-Banking Finance Company providing individual and group loans through its network of 200+ branches across five states of India.

Small Scale Retailer Loans

Agriculture Loans

Self-Sufficency Through Efficency

OldAge Loans

Core Services

Individual Loans

We provide individual loans for oldage, single Parent, small scale retailers, widows.

Group Loans

We provide group loans for Welfare and Large Scale Industries.

Entreprenuer Loans

We are committed to provide Entreprenuer loans.

Enjoy connecting with remarkable people around the world.

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Value Lending Approach

We strive to find mechanisms to deliver capital in more targeted and efficient ways so as to drive greater economic value

Customer Education

We are committed to enrich your knowledge by providing consumer and entrepreneurship education and certification followed by activity loans

Direct Loans That Make Dramatic Impact

We provide direct loans to small scale retailers to make dramatic impact.


Loan Repayment Rate

States where Luminis works in India

Branches in India

Loans Issued

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How to Make Currency Options Trading Simple

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Charandeep Sahni - CEO, Founder

Luminis Micro Finance, A MicroManage to Succeed company

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What Makes Us Differnet From Others.

Interest Free

Profit from the loans goes to the Charity not to the Organisation.

Funds Recycled to New Projects

Entrepreneurs loans will be recycled to new Projects

Direct Communication

We provide 24*7 support to the customers.

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